‘People are simply too expensive to be used for selling. We cannot, by and large, sell anymore - we must market, i.e. we must create the desire to buy which we can satisfy without a great deal of selling.’ – Peter Drucker

Marketing is an integral part of an organisation, it should not be confined to one department, the marketing effort needs to be constantly reviewed.  CMC will help a company develop a strategic plan, or work on a particular area within the overall plan.

We provide the following marketing services:

  1. Product Positioning
  2. Strategic Marketing Plans
  3. Customer Relationship Marketing
  4. Direct Marketing
  5. Web Strategy
  6. Public Relations

Product Positioning

A complete review of the product and it’s position in the marketplace is undertaken, this is step one in any strategic review.  Once this is complete, objectives can be set to re-position, re-brand or to strengthen the current position.

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Strategic Marketing Planning

CMC will work with your company to devise a plan to target your key markets, this includes market segments, geographic markets, and distribution channels. The plan will clearly define short and long term objectives and projected results. CMC has extensive experience in marketing to the Irish and International consumer markets.

We are happy to implement the plan, work with your advisors on elements of the plan or simply present a strategic proposal for you to use within your organisation.

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Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

Relationship marketing is the new paradigm, companies are now realising that by focusing on mutual interdependence and co-operation, customers can become strategic partners in their business.

CRM is about strengthening customer lifetime values and maximising revenue per customer. CMC will work with a company in formulating a CRM programme designed to track every customer interaction, capture customer data and develop targeted promotional campaigns using this information, reducing a company’s dependency on mass marketing.
For further information on customer loyalty programmes click here to visit the customer loyalty programme section of this site.

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Direct Marketing

CMC will formulate a direct marketing calendar of targeted promotions using existing customer information and new ways of capturing more data. The plan will also explore e- marketing and joint promotions with complimentary products that will build brand awareness and increase sales.

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Web Strategy

A company’s web strategy must integrate with all other elements of their promotional plan, we provide the following services:

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Public Relations

Public Relations is an integral part of a communications strategy. CMC will formulate a plan using controlled and uncontrolled media to gain maximum exposure.

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